How to Turn Off Beeping on Your Air Fryer (Stop Air Fryer Alerts)

Originally posted on 13 August 2023 @ 18:33

How to Turn Off Beeping on Your Air Fryer

The rise in popularity of air fryers as a tool for preparing fast and simple dishes is undeniable. Yet, a frequent issue users encounter with air fryers is the loud beeping sound that signals the end of the cooking process.

This incessant beeping can become a nuisance, particularly when preparing several batches of food sequentially. The good news is that there are several methods to deactivate or mute the beeping sound on the majority of air fryer models.

Press and Hold the Power Button

For many air fryers like the Power XL or Gourmia models, pressing and holding the power button for 3-5 seconds will turn off the beeping sound. After the cooking cycle finishes, simply press and hold this button down and the beeping will stop.

Just be careful not to hold the button down for too long or you may accidentally turn the fryer off completely.

Unplug the Fryer

If your air fryer doesn’t have a power button or holding it down doesn’t work, unplugging the machine is another simple way to stop the beeping. After the cooking cycle ends, simply unplug the fryer from the outlet.

Wait a few minutes before plugging it back in to reset the machine.

Adjust Settings or Open the Fryer

For some air fryer models like the Instant Vortex, opening the basket or adjusting the temperature or time settings will mute the beeping sound.

After cooking, try opening the air fryer basket or pressing some buttons on the control panel to silence the noise.

Contact the Manufacturer

If none of the above tips work to mute your air fryer, check the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

Many air fryer brands have customer service numbers to call or email for troubleshooting issues like beeping. They can provide model-specific tips to disable the sound.

Why Your Air Fryer is Beeping

Before silencing your air fryer, it helps to understand why it’s beeping in the first place. There are a few common reasons your air fryer may beep:

  • The cooking cycle finished: Most air fryers beep when the set cooking time is done to alert you the food is ready.
  • Error code: Persistent beeping may indicate a problem like an overheating issue. Refer to the manual for error code patterns.
  • Timer alert: Some air fryers beep when you set a timer for timed cooking. The beeps notify you to check on or flip the food.
  • Preheating complete: Your air fryer may beep when it finishes preheating to let you know it’s ready to cook.

Tips for a Peaceful Cooking Experience

Having an air fryer beeping throughout your kitchen during cooking can be a nuisance. Here are some tips for a more peaceful experience:

  • Set a timer on your phone or smart speaker so you don’t rely solely on the air fryer alerts.
  • Use the mute function on air fryers that have this option.
  • Position the air fryer in a basement or garage to muffle sounds if possible.
  • Provide ample ventilation if placing the air fryer in a cabinet or enclosure while cooking.
  • Switch to a model with vibrate vs. beep alerts if replacing your fryer. Some air fryers just light up quietly.


Can I permanently disable beeping on my air fryer?

Most air fryers do not have a permanent mute option. The beeping is built into the machinery and alerts are intended for safety. You have to manually mute after each cooking cycle.

Will silencing the beeps damage my air fryer?

It’s generally safe to mute the beeping using the power button, unplugging, or following recommendations in the product manual. Do not attempt to dismantle the fryer to remove the speaker which could cause damage.

Why does my air fryer beep multiple times?

An air fryer may beep at the end of the cooking time, if you set a timer alert halfway through cooking, when preheating is complete, or when removing the basket. Refer to the manual to interpret different beeping patterns.

How can I prevent beeping without muting the machine?

Set a smart speaker or phone timer so you don’t have to rely on the air fryer alerts alone. Also, monitor cooking closely so you can open the basket just before the cycle finishes to prevent beeping.


While air fryer beeping can be annoying, it’s meant to alert you at certain points during the cooking process for safety. Thankfully, there are easy ways to turn off or mute beeping on most models either temporarily or for the entire cooking cycle.

Check your manual and use the recommended methods for your specific air fryer brand and model to disable sounds and enjoy more peaceful cooking!

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