How To Use Rotisserie Basket In Air Fryer (Ultimate Guide)

How To Use Rotisserie Basket In Air Fryer

Air fryers are the hottest thing in kitchen gadgets right now and for good reason. Who doesn’t love crisp, delicious fried foods with barely any oil?

Genius! But did you know you can take your air frying up a notch with a rotisserie basket? Keep reading to find out how this handy accessory can really up your air fryer game.

Why Bother With a Rotisserie Basket?

I know what you’re thinking – my air fryer works great as is, why do I need some extra basket thingamabob? Well my friend, let me tell you the ways a rotisserie basket makes air frying even more amazing:

  • It rotates the food so it cooks evenly on all sides – no more bummed-out moments when you bite into unevenly cooked food!
  • The rotation self-bastes everything with its own juices, so meats get perfectly moist and flavorful.
  • You can cook bigger roasts, whole chickens, and other large items that don’t quite fit in the regular fryer basket.
  • The constant movement means the hot air circulates around better for faster cooking.
  • Clean-up is easier since most grease and drippings stay in the basket, not all over the fryer.

Sold yet? Keep reading for how to pick out the perfect rotisserie basket for your air fryer!

Choosing the Right Rotisserie Basket

Obviously, you want a basket that properly fits your particular air fryer model. Measure the inside of your appliance so you can find a basket with the right dimensions.

Look for sturdy stainless steel or thick BPA-free plastic baskets that can take the heat. Cheap plastic will likely melt!

The basket should come with a built-in motor so it rotates the food automatically. Don’t want to have to stand there and turn it yourself, right?

Make sure the basket is easy to load up with food and remove once cooked. Nothing more annoying than trying to wrestle food in and out of a tiny opening!

It should be dishwasher-safe too. Because let’s be real – hand washing gets old fast.

Preparing Ingredients for the Rotisserie Basket

Get your ingredients prepped and ready before loading up the basket:

  • Pat food dry so it gets nice and crisp in the hot air.
  • Brush or rub on any oil, seasonings, or sauces you want to flavor it up.
  • For roasts or whole birds, use a meat thermometer so you can check the temp.
  • Skewer or tie up veggies or other small items so they don’t fall through the cracks.

Filling Up the Rotisserie Basket

Time to load this bad boy up! Just follow these tips:

  • Place food right in the center of the basket so it stays balanced while spinning around.
  • Put roasts or chickens vertically, and steaks or other flatter food horizontally.
  • Make sure there’s enough space at both ends for air circulation and smooth spinning.
  • For small stuff like veggies, lightly skewer or thread them onto metal or wood skewers lengthwise to keep them put.

Getting the Best Results from Your Air Fryer

You loaded the rotisserie, now get the air fryer ready to work its magic:

  • Carefully place the filled basket into the fryer and set temp/time.
  • Hit the button to turn on the rotisserie function – watch it start slowly spinning!
  • For longer cook times, occasionally baste the food with the juices pooling in the basket.
  • Use a meat thermometer or toothpick to check for doneness. Cook more if needed.
  • When ready, put on mitts before removing that hot basket!
  • Let rest before carving if necessary, and make pan sauces with the drippings. Yum!

Handy Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful rotisserie basket tips for beginners:

  • Baste the food every 30 mins or so during longer cooking for extra moisture and flavor.
  • Truss up whole birds and tie roasts nice and tight so they rotate smoothly.
  • Brush chicken skin with oil first for heavenly crispiness.
  • Arrange veggies in a single layer for even browning. Give ’em a toss midway through.
  • Soak wooden skewers beforehand so they don’t burn up. Oops!
  • Double-check enough clearance at both ends before flipping the switch.
  • Use a meat thermometer to perfectly nail the doneness of roasts and whole birds.

Cleaning Made Simple

Let the basket fully cool after cooking, then:

  • Wipe out any obvious food bits with paper towels first.
  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water and a sponge or brush. No harsh scouring pads!
  • Rinse away all soap, then dry thoroughly with a dish towel.
  • Once a month, sanitize by soaking in 1 quart of water with 1 tbsp bleach for 5 minutes. Rinse well after.

Hand washing keeps the basket’s finish looking its best in the long run. Harsh dishwasher detergent can degrade the coating over time.


What kinds of food work best in a rotisserie basket?

Whole birds, roasts, steaks, pork, lamb, skewers of veggies and fruit, kebabs – anything 2-4 lbs does great!

How’s the rotisserie different from the regular basket?

It rotates the food constantly so it cooks more evenly as the hot air circulates all around.

What temperature should I cook at?

Check recipes, but 350-400°F works for most meats and veggies. Up to 450°F for crispy wings!

Can I cook frozen foods in it?

Yep! Pre-heat empty for 5 mins first so frozen stuff doesn’t stick while thawing.

Should I flip foods while it’s cooking?

Nope, the spinning does that work for you! Just baste with juices occasionally.

Is the basket dishwasher safe?

Hand washing is better to preserve the nonstick coating. Harsh detergent damages it over time.

Delicious Recipes to Try

Ready to get cooking? Whip up one of these tasty meals:

  • Perfect Rotisserie Chicken – Crispy skin, moist meat, minimal effort. Sold!
  • Herb-Crusted Pork Loin – A boneless pork roast coated in a zesty herb mix.
  • Beef Tenderloin with Chimichurri Sauce – Slow-roasted tenderloin steaks basted in a bright herb sauce. Mmm!
  • Greek Lamb Skewers – Marinated lamb with colorful veggies.
  • Rib Eye Steak with Garlic Herb Butter – Melty seasoned butter takes these steaks over the top.
  • Whole Turkey Breast – Moist, juicy turkey in way less time than in the oven.
  • BBQ Chicken Wings – Only 45 minutes for saucy, crispy wings? Oh yeah!
  • Shrimp Boil Skewers – All the flavors of a low country boil in easy-to-eat skewers.

Go Forth and Rotisserie!

Well, folks, that covers everything you need to know to start rocking a rotisserie basket in your air fryer! This game-changing accessory lets you whip up juicy, evenly cooked food with that crispy exterior we all crave.

Give those recipes a try and watch your air fryer skills level up. Before you know it, you’ll be churning out crazy delicious roast chickens, steaks, skewers, and more like a pro. Happy rotisserie air frying!

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