What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

Originally posted on 26 March 2024 @ 09:20

What To Put Under Air Fryer To Protect Countertop

Air fryers have revolutionized the art of crispy indulgence, offering a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. However, their intense heat can pose a threat to your beloved countertops if proper precautions are not taken.

Fear not, for a simple solution awaits, allowing you to revel in the deliciousness of air-fried delicacies without compromising the pristine condition of your kitchen surfaces.

Introducing a barrier between the sizzling air fryer and your countertop is the key to carefree air frying. Heat-resistant mats or trivets serve as ideal guardians, effortlessly deflecting the intense warmth.

Alternatively, versatile baking sheets, cooling racks, or even a humble sheet of foil can be employed, creating a protective layer of airflow that safeguards your countertops from potential damage. This simple act ensures your culinary adventures remain a source of joy, free from the worry of unsightly marks or discoloration.

Use a Silicone Mat

This is probably the simplest solution. Just get yourself a silicone heat-resistant mat made specifically for air fryers and other high-heat appliances. These mats are like the silicone baking mats you see in kitchen stores, but they’re designed for way higher temperatures. The mat creates a protective barrier between the hot air fryer and your counters.

Silicone can handle temperatures up to 446°F, which is hotter than any air fryer will get. Mats come in all sizes, so you can get one tailored to your model. They’ve got grippy bottoms to keep the mat and fryer from sliding around. And they’re thin, so they won’t block the airflow under the fryer.

I love these mats because you can just leave them in place under the fryer full-time. When you need to clean the mat, just slide it out and wipe it down. For about $10 or less, it’s cheap counter insurance.

Use a Trivet

Got a stovetop trivet laying around? Bust that baby out and put it under your air fryer! Any trivet, plant stand, or pot holder that lifts the fryer up a bit will work. The space created underneath lets heat dissipate instead of getting trapped against the counter.

Look for trivets made of cast iron, stainless steel, stone, or wood – all great heat-safe materials. Make sure your fryer fits stably inside the trivet base. And pick a trivet larger than the fryer so your counters are fully protected.

Many trivets have grippy rubber feet, but even those without will be fairly stable. Like silicone mats, trivets can stay in place or be removed easily. For a few bucks, you’ve got yourself some excellent counter protection.

Use a Cutting Board

Got a wooden or plastic cutting board? That’ll work too! The key is picking a large board that’s bigger than your air fryer base to block the heat. Boards that don’t slide around are ideal to keep the fryer stable.

Cutting boards are nice because you probably already have some, and they’re super affordable. The downside is that direct fryer contact could discolor or warp the board over time. I’d recommend rotating the board periodically to spread out any effects.

Also, most boards lack grippy feet, so the fryer may slide around a bit. But for a quick, easy solution, a cutting board gets the job done!

Use a Cooling Rack

Metal cooling racks designed for cookies or baking are another option. The raised wire rack promotes air circulation underneath instead of trapping heat. Stainless steel is ideal since it resists high temps.

Get a rack a little bigger than your fryer for full protection. Make sure the wires are close enough together to securely hold the fryer. Cooling racks are cheap, lightweight, and found in most kitchens.

The downsides are that they lack rubber feet, so fryers may slide around. And acidic/oily foods could stain the metal over time. But it’s a great impromptu solution in a pinch!

Use a Tile

If you want a natural material pick, try a ceramic, porcelain, or stone tile. Tile withstands high heat, so it’s great for air fryers. Just make sure to pick a tile bigger than your fryer base to fully protect your counters.

Tiles have grippy bottoms that stabilize the fryer nicely. And they cost just a few bucks at hardware stores. Avoid porous, unglazed tiles that could crack under heat. And handle the fryer gently when placing on tiles, since they’re less flexible.

Use a Wire Shelf

Small wire shelving units are another good pick. Look for oven-safe, chrome-plated shelves with heat-resistant feet. Find a shelf big enough for good air circulation around the fryer.

Open wire lets heat dissipate freely. The feet provide stability. Wire shelves cost more than other options – around $20+. And they don’t fully block heat like solid materials. But they look slick and modern in many kitchens!

Use a Heat-Resistant Pad

If you use your air fryer a ton in one spot, spring for a dedicated heat-resistant countertop pad. These pads are designed specifically for under appliances that get hot. They’re made of fiberglass that can take temps over 500°F!

Pads come in all sizes and provide full heat protection. They also often have grippy feet to keep fryers from sliding. Since they’re made for permanent use, pads blend seamlessly into your existing counter. It’s the best choice for hardcore air-frying fans.

More Tips for Keeping Counters Safe

  • Watch your fryer closely whenever it’s on to prevent overheating or sliding.
  • Allow enough air circulation under and around the fryer.
  • Don’t use plastic stands – they can melt!
  • Make sure rubber feet are secure and the counters are dry before placing the fryer.
  • Lift/place the fryer gently so you don’t crack stone or tile materials.
  • Rotate cutting boards or mats periodically to distribute wear.
  • Clean wire racks or trivets after each use to prevent grease stains.


What if you don’t put anything under an air fryer?

Not using protection can lead to damaged counters over time – discoloration, cracking, etc. Always use some type of heat protection.

Can you put an air fryer on wood?

Yes, with a silicone mat, trivet, or other protection. Never put a hot fryer right on unfinished wood – it could scorch or burn it.

What’s the best material under an air fryer?

Silicone mats and fiberglass pads designed for air fryers offer the best heat protection. Ceramic, stone, and stainless steel are also excellent choices that absorb/resist heat well.

Should you use protection under a Ninja Foodi?

Yes, the Ninja Foodi and other multicookers get similarly hot. Use a silicone mat, trivet, or pad beneath it, rated for at least 400°F.

Can you put an air fryer on laminate counters?

Laminate counters can delaminate, blister, or discolor under high heat. Always use a protective mat, trivet, or pad with laminate.

The Takeaway

Keeping your beautiful counters safe while air frying is totally doable! Affordable products like silicone mats, trivets, and cutting boards create a protective barrier against heat damage.

Pick an option that works with your existing kitchen stuff and allows good airflow. Follow basic safety tips like handling the fryer carefully. In no time, you’ll be able to use your air fryer without worrying about your counters!

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