How Many Amps Does An Air Fryer Use?

Originally posted on 26 March 2024 @ 10:51

How Many Amps Does an Air Fryer Use?

Air fryers have gained significant popularity in recent times, primarily because they offer a healthier frying method compared to traditional cooking methods that involve using large quantities of oil. While the unique features and cooking techniques of air fryers attract many users, there is also a growing interest among consumers regarding their electricity consumption. 

How many amps does an air fryer use? There is no specific answer to this question but most of the air fryers use 10 to 16 amp. But It is also kept in mind that the usage of amps depends on the model of the specific air fryer you are using. The ampere consumption for an air fryer can also be found at the back of the air fryer and in the user manual.      

In this blog post, we will completely discuss bout the elements that affect the usage of amps in the air fryer and how many amps a common air fryer use 

Factors affecting the amps usage in an air fryer

As discussed above most air fryers operate at 10 to 16 amps. But also remember individual model has specific requirements which you can find in the user manual of the product

To  understand about amp usage is crucial for many reasons 

First of all, it helps to determine whether your circuits are compatible with the air fryers you are using or not. For example, if it is using lower amps then it will have no issues with your electric circuits but if it using large amps then this will cause some problems like overheating and tripping which can result in  circuit breaking   

The second benefit is that you can know about the overall load and manage the circuit board if you are using multiple appliances at once. Which can prevent electrical mishaps like circuit breaking and tripping 

Variations in air fryer size and power according to amps

The use of amps and power used by the air fryer is heavily dependent on its size like the other electrical appliances. Many small air fryers use very less or low electricity because they have very small heating filaments and small operating motors as compared to the large air fryers which use large heating filaments and motors.

When you are choosing an air fryer for your home it is important to keep in mind both your cooking requirements and the available electric capacity available at your home. If you have a small or medium electricity capacity at home and you want to use many electrical appliances at once then it is recommended to go for the small air fryers.

Additionally, the amps requirements for the air fryer also depend on their brand and size. Let’s discuss the amps requirements for some popular air fryer brands.  

Common Air fryer Brands And their Amp requirement

1. Ninja Air Fryer: This air fryer usually use 13 to 14 amps depending on the model, But if you want to know amps consumption  about the specific  model for this  brand it is recommended to read its documentation 

2. Cuisinart Air Fryer:  This air fryer usually operated at 10 to 15 amps like the other  normal  air fryers

3. Power Air Fryer XL:  The power xl air fryer usually operates at 14 to 16 amps.

However, it is  recommended to always read the documentation of the air fryers  you are using despite their brands so you can know about its amps consumption

Assessing Amps: consumption related Factors

Many factors can affect the amps usage of an air fryer beyond its size and brand

Firstly the voltage requirements usually affect the amps usage. Because most air fryers easily operate at 120 volts, but some models usually those that use higher powers and have huge motors and heating filaments use a house voltage of 240 volts. Thus it is essential to look at whether the electric circuit is actually the  specific voltage or not

The second factor that affects the amps consumption is its usage frequency and duration of how long being it’s used, if you are using the air fryer for long durations and use it many times a day then it is observed that the air fryer then starts to consume large amps. Thus take a record of your cooking habits and when you use it most.

Amps Are Important for Electrical Safety

By understanding the amps usage of air fryers you can not only save yourself from electricity hazards but  also achieve optimal cooking in no time

It is also essential not to overload your electric circuits when you are using many electric appliances at once, try to use them in an order. Overloaded circuits may overheat and cause an explosion. and other electric breakdowns therefore it is recommended to pick the air fryer that matches the electric capacity of your house and kitchen    

But if you do not understand after reading the documentation of the air fryer and are still concerned with its amps usage then you should check a licensed electrician


Can an air fryer be used on a 15-amp circuit?

Yes most of the air fryers can be used on a 15-amp circuit, but it is recommended to read its user manual for better clarification

How does an air fryer’s size affect how many amps it uses?

Most small-size air fryers use fewer amps to operate while large ones require more amps

What is the voltage requirement for most air fryers?

Most air fryers easily operate at the common household voltage of 120, while higher-power air fryers that have large heating filaments required 240 volts 

Can using an air fryer overload a circuit?

If you are using only the air fryer in the circuit it will not overload the circuit, but if you using it with the other electric appliance at once then there is a great chance that it will overload 

Are air fryers safe to use from an electrical standpoint?

When air fryers are used correctly and by following the manufactures guideline they are very safe to use.


In conclusion, it is a good thing to know about the amps usage of your air fryer, usually the normal air fryer uses 10 to 16 amps, while some use amps more or less than it, but it completely depends on their size and capacity. 

Some other factors like your cooking patterns and house voltages also affect its amps consumption.  You can ensure the effective functioning of your air fryer by keeping the aspects that are discussed above.  

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