How To Fix Air Fryer Not Heating (Troubleshooting Guide)

Originally posted on 19 August 2023 @ 12:48

How To Fix Air Fryer Not Heating

Air fryers have become one of the most popular kitchen appliances in recent years. They provide a convenient way to make fried foods like french fries, chicken wings, and more with little to no oil. However, like any appliance, air fryers can run into problems. 

One of the most common issues is when the air fryer is not heating up properly. There are several potential causes for why your air fryer is not getting hot and a few ways you can troubleshoot the issue on your own before calling for professional service.

Check the Power Connection and Reset

The first and easiest thing to check if your air fryer is not heating up is the power connection. Make sure the air fryer is plugged all the way into a working outlet. Make sure any cord is not damaged and that the wall outlet itself works by testing it with another appliance like a lamp.

If the air fryer is plugged in properly, try unplugging it and waiting 10-15 minutes before plugging it back in. This may reset any issues and allow the heating element to start working again. Some models also have a reset button on the bottom that can be pressed.

Inspect the Heating Element

Air fryers work by using a heating element often at the top of the cooking chamber. Check this heating element visually to make sure it is intact and not damaged. If you notice any cracks, fraying or other issues, this likely indicates the heating element needs to be replaced.

On some models, you may be able to remove the heating element for closer inspection. Refer to your instruction manual for specifics on your make and model. Look for visible damage and use a multimeter to check the heating element for continuity. If there are any breaks in continuity, the heating element should be replaced.

Clean Air Fryer Thoroughly

One of the most common reasons an air fryer may stop heating properly is the build-up of dirt, grease, and debris on the heating element and inside the cooking chamber. Unplug the fryer and wash the fryer basket, tray, crisping plate, and inside of the cooking chamber thoroughly with hot soapy water.

Pay special attention to the heating element area and use a cleaning toothbrush or cotton swab to gently clean it. Avoid getting the heating element itself wet.

 Wipe down the outside of the air fryer as well. Let all parts dry fully before reassembling. Often, a thorough deep clean is all that’s needed to get an air fryer heating up again.

Replace Thermostat or Temperature Control

The thermostat or temperature control is what actually regulates the heating element in an air fryer and keeps the temperature at the set level. If this component is defective, it could prevent the heating element from turning on.

The thermostat is often attached to or near the heating element itself. You’ll need to remove the top cover and heating element to access it in most fryers. Very carefully inspect the thermostat for any sign of damage. Use a multimeter to test it for accuracy at different temperatures.

If the thermostat is not keeping the proper temperature or has visible damage, replacing it is necessary. 

Make sure to get an exact replacement part approved for your specific make and model. Follow the instructions to properly install it with the proper connections.

Check Fan for Obstructions

Air fryers circulate hot air with an internal fan and venting system. If the internal fan becomes obstructed with dust, grease, or other debris, it can’t properly circulate the hot air, leading to uneven heating.

Clean the fan area thoroughly with compressed air, a small vacuum nozzle or a toothbrush. Spin the fan manually with a toothpick to see if anything is jammed in the blades. Remove any debris carefully. Test the fryer temperature setting again to see if consistently hot air is now circulating again.

Replace Internal Fuse

Some air fryer models have an internal fuse connected to the heating element that helps prevent power surges. Much like a fuse in your home’s electric box, this fuse can blow out and needs a replacement for the air fryer to heat again.

Refer to your owner’s manual on how to access the internal fuse in your model. Locate the fuse, remove it, and visually inspect it to see if the filament inside is broken. 

If so, replacing the fuse with an identical spec fuse should restore normal operation. Contact the manufacturer if you need assistance finding the right replacement fuse.

Call for Service

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and your air fryer still does not heat up, then a call to a professional repair technician is likely needed. An authorized service provider will have additional tools and expertise to fully diagnose what is preventing the air fryer from heating up properly.

They can determine if the heating element, thermostat, fan, or internal wiring needs repair. They also have access to manufacturer-approved replacement parts. 

While air fryer repairs can be costly like any small appliance, it is often less expensive than purchasing a whole new replacement air fryer.


Why did my air fryer suddenly stop heating properly?

The most common reasons an air fryer stops heating are a build-up of dirt inside, a damaged heating element, a faulty thermostat or temperature control, or an internal electrical issue.

Is it safe to use my air fryer if it’s not heating correctly?

No, you should immediately stop using an air fryer that is not reaching the proper temperature. Using it could be unsafe or damage the appliance further. Troubleshoot the issue or contact a repair technician.

Can I replace the heating element in my air fryer myself?

On some models the heating element is accessible, but it’s generally best left to experienced repair technicians. Improper installation of the delicate heating element could create a fire hazard or damage the components further.

My air fryer fan runs but does not heat. What should I check?

This points to an issue with the heating element or thermostat not kicking on the heating element even though the fan still runs. Try cleaning the area around the heating element, testing the thermostat, and replacing either part if faulty.

I cleaned my air fryer but it still doesn’t heat right. Now what?

If a thorough, deep clean does not restore proper heating, then there is likely an issue with a heating element or other internal component that needs professional service or replacement parts to fix. Don’t keep attempting to use the air fryer.


Air fryers provide a great way to get crispy “fried” foods with less oil, but only if the appliance is heating up properly. If your air fryer does not heat, don’t panic. In many cases, there is a quick fix like pressing reset, deep cleaning, or replacing a simple part like the fuse or thermostat. Use the troubleshooting tips to try solving common no-heat problems yourself.

 But if issues persist after trying these steps, seek professional air fryer repair to get your appliance back up and running again. With a properly working heating element, your air fryer can continue frying up healthy, delicious meals.

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