How Long To Cook Lasagna In Air Fryer (Time-Saving Delight)

Originally posted on 18 August 2023 @ 14:18

How Long To Cook Lasagna In Air Fryer

Lasagna is hands-down one of my favorite comfort foods. There’s just something so satisfying about all those layers of pasta, meat sauce, gooey cheese, and other tasty fillings. But as much as I love lasagna, it can be kind of a pain to make in the oven. It takes nearly an hour to bake and always makes my oven super messy.

Recently, I tried cooking lasagna in my air fryer, and let me tell you – it was a game-changer! The air fryer made cooking lasagna so much quicker and easier, with way less mess to clean up. Now I’m practically an air fryer lasagna pro.

Keep reading and I’ll share how you can make perfect lasagna in an air fryer in your own home.

Why Choose Air Fried Lasagna Over Oven Baked?

Here’s the scoop on why air-frying lasagna is so awesome:

It cooks a Lot faster:  We’re talking 15-30 minutes instead of 45 minutes to over an hour in the oven. The air fryer’s super hot air circulates all around the lasagna, cooking it fast. More time for eating!

Less mess for you:  No more sauce bubbling over making the bottom of your oven messy. The air fryer contains things neatly.

It’s just easier:  My air fryer sits right on the counter while the oven is all the way on the floor. The air fryer is so convenient for popping in lasagna.

Way better results:  The moving air cooks the lasagna evenly so no more burnt edges or undercooked middles.

You can use it for other stuff too:  My air fryer isn’t just a one-trick pony. I also use it to cook fries, and wings, and even reheat leftovers.

How to Layer Up Delicious Air Fryer Lasagna

Cooking lasagna in the air fryer is easy peasy but there are some key things to know:

You need an oval dish that will fit:  A round pan just won’t work. Find a stoneware or ceramic baking dish that fits inside your air fryer.

Go lighter on the sauce: Too much sauce will make your lasagna soupy in the air fryer. Hold back a little on the sauce.

Spray or line the pan:  I spray my pan with oil or line it with parchment paper for the easiest release.

Cook longer than max time:  Most recipes say max 30 minutes so I cook mine for 30 minutes plus 20 more, checking often.

Let it rest before eating:  Let that bad boy sit for 5-10 minutes before slicing so the cheese sets up.

My Best Tips for Air Fryer Lasagna Perfection

Follow these pro tips and you’ll be an air fryer lasagna expert in no time:

Don’t overstuff it! Leave 1-2 inches of space between layers so air can flow around.

Always preheat. Dropping lasagna into a hot air fryer prevents sticking.

Use a meat thermometer: – Cook until the center hits 160°F and the cheese is melted.

Prevent burning by tenting foil over the top if browning too fast.

Buy no-boil noodles:  Then the noodles cook up tender in the air fryer without prep.


What size air fryer should I use?

Look for a 5 quart or larger model so you’ll have room for a lasagna pan. The smaller 3-4 quart ones just won’t cut it.

What temperature is best?

I preheat to 350° then cook at 320-340°F. Too high and the outsides burn before the middle cooks through.

Do I need to boil the noodles first?

Nope! No boil or oven-ready noodles cook up perfectly in the air fryer. Check the packaging.

How can I prevent soggy lasagna?

Getting as much liquid out of the filling as possible is key. And don’t overstuff the lasagna pan too full so air can flow freely.

Can I cook frozen lasagna?

You sure can! Just add 5-10 extra minutes since you’re starting from frozen. Check it frequently until the center is hot and melty.

The Verdict on Air Fryer Lasagna

Air-frying lasagna makes enjoying this hearty classic so much easier. With my tips like the right pan, no-boil noodles, and lighter sauce, you’ll get tender noodles, gooey cheese, and crispy edges with way less effort.

 I’m never going back to oven lasagna again now that I can make it quick and easy in my air fryer. Give it a try in your home and see how air-fried lasagna can be your new favorite dinner!

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